About Us

At CCC’s Early Learning Centre we believe every child is a precious gift of God.  We believe parents are the most important educators and nurturers in a child’s life and that we are privileged to support you in this role.  Our practices are based on Biblical wisdom, our professional knowledge of child development, current research and practical experience in early childhood.

Every child is a unique individual, a capable learner, full of curiosity and wonder.  Children are keen to explore God’s amazing creation, to share and communicate, to take risks and be challenged.  At CCC ELC we strive to provide a variety of opportunities for children to learn through play.  Our staff help to facilitate this with concrete, real life and relevant experiences.  This experiential learning model is underpinned with a Biblical world view and a values rich context.

Our exceptional staff help to foster a sense of community and excitement about learning in a caring and safe environment.  We provide diverse stimulus materials that spark imagination, creativity and discovery.  A major focus in our Centre is on wise use of our resources, sustainability and recycling, and connecting with nature.  Our indoor and outdoor spaces have been thoughtfully designed to maximise a wide variety of learning opportunities.

We believe that children learn best when feeling suitably challenged, but unhurried.  We facilitate safe, managed risk-taking appropriate to each child’s varied experience and developmental milestones.