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in the local and surrounding areas

leading educational institute

CCC is a

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and innovative learning environment

safe, collaborative

CCC provides students a

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sporting and cultural

CCC offers students unique

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the community


CCC is committed to

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character and values

CCC helps students develop outstanding


At Cooloola Christian College we believe in our students.  We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to become the person that God is calling them to be.

At CCC we aim to provide excellence in education and strive to help each and every child achieve success across a range of learning experiences; whether that be a sporting endeavour, cultural pursuit, seeking outstanding academic success or learning to serve others.

We believe that every child can be innovative and has potential to be a world changer.  We believe that every child is spectacular with their individual God-given gifts and talents.  We believe that every child is creative and able to imagine and think outside the box.  We believe that every child is curious and able to explore and discover many wonders.  We believe in every child – let us support your child to be anything!


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CCC will provide a safe, collaborative, innovative and distinctly Christian environment, that supports the academic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual development of both staff and students.


CCC Gympie will continue to serve and resource both Australian and Overseas partners, always seeking to follow God's calling to grow the Kingdom of God on earth.


CCC will deliver an outstanding academic program that will equip students to fulfill the vocational call that God has upon their life.


For more info please view our Vision Statement

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