The RITE Journey

Transforming Today's Teens

Year 9 Pastoral Care Program

At CCC we know that parents are a child’s first educators, greatest influencer and biggest advocates. Our job as RITE Journey teachers and staff is to partner with parents to help navigate the challenging teenage years.

The teenage years are commonly fraught with trials and tribulations. Devices and social media are at teenagers' fingertips’, adding to the already tumultuous hormones and emotions that can cause havoc for a young person. Teenagers are changing physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

At CCC we want to affirm and honour the work you are doing as parents. We are here to listen, to discuss issues, to support and to help you. Together we will help equip your child, as they mature and start to step out of their childhood years into the magnificent future that God has planned for them.

Every child is created wonderful and unique by our Creator God. Our desire is that each young person will recognise their God-given gifts and talents, and find their worth and hope in Him.

A year long program, designed to:

  • Acknowledge & celebrate each student’s shift into adulthood;
  • Offer conversations & experiences to guide this transition;
  • Foster connections with positive adult role models;
  • Educate & include parents/carers in the process;
  • Connect students with their strengths;
  • Build self-awareness;
  • Discover a lasting hope and faith in Jesus, as their Lord and Saviour.

What is the CCC difference?

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