Join the Team

At Cooloola Christian College we believe that every child is created unique and precious by our Creator God.  God has placed in us a passion for educating young people. We are here because we are excited about learning, about education and about providing excellent opportunities for young people.

These are some of the attractive benefits for staff who join our team:

  • Permanent employees pay discounted fees for children attending CCC;
  • Employees paid above the Award;
  • Leadership opportunities for Teachers;
  • Professional challenge (Our Mission: Growing God’s Kingdom Through Excellence in Education);
  • Career enhancement (ie; mentoring, financial support and/or time off for further study, professional development opportunities);
  • Smaller classes;
  • Friendly, caring and collaborative work culture;
  • Close to the Sunshine Coast.

If you are interested in joining the team at CCC please contact HR to discuss more exciting opportunities. 

Phone: (07) 5481 1000


Working in an environment where the word of God can be freely shared and incorporated into everyday life at school has been an amazing change in my professional life. The mix of teaching HPE and Outdoor Education has allowed me to really engage the students in experiential learning in a range of outdoor environments.
— Scott Pritchard