Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music Program at Cooloola Christian College continues to grow from strength to strength.

At Cooloola Christian College we value the Arts and seek to invest in students to develop their gifts and talents. The Arts at CCC provides wonderful opportunities for students to shine, both in and outside the classroom, and develops and shapes character, supports wellbeing, builds community and teaches students to value stewardship; all within a Christian framework.

The following Instrumental Programs are offered at CCC: 

  • Instrumental Music group and private lessons, provided in class time. Instruments on offer include woodwind, brass, piano, keyboard, strings, guitar, percussion and vocals.
  • CCC ensembles for selected upper Primary and Secondary students. Our ensembles include Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Big Band, Percussion Ensembles and Drum Corps. 

Many of our students perform at community events throughout the year. Each student benefits from the expertise of our tutors.

If you have any enquiries, please email