Our Leadership

Principal - Ross Waltisbuhl

Here at Cooloola Christian College, we understand how vital it is that every child is given every opportunity to become the person that God is calling them to be. We value each and every child and want to help them achieve success across a range of experiences. Whether that be a sporting endeavour, or a cultural pursuit, whether it is seeking outstanding academic success, or learning to serve others.

We want each child and their families to understand how important they are to God, and to help them discover the great plan that He has for their lives. Our staff make it a priority to care for each young person in our school family and I am so pleased that parents and children feel so safe, supported and nurtured.

Deputy Principal - Todd Vogler

As Deputy Principal I am keen to ensure that all students achieve their full, God-given potential both in their studies and character. We have a wonderful team of educators from Prep through to the Senior years, who are dedicated to helping students strive for excellence, learn to serve as part of their community and to build resilience, persistence and compassion. We provide many pathways for learning including academic streams, vocational training and studies in Christian ministry and mission. 

I know that your child will have many opportunities to hear the good news about Jesus and the abundant life that is available for every believer through faith in Christ. They will learn how to apply biblical principles to all situations through daily devotions, pastoral care lessons and Chapel. Our Pastoral Care team, including our Year Level Coordinators, Chappy and Responsible Thinking staff are all here to nurture wellbeing and our school culture fosters a peaceful, positive and productive atmosphere.

Director of Teaching & Learning - Sue Waltisbuhl

At Cooloola Christian College we recognise that we are a professional learning community – we lead, equip and model to learners every day. Believing that each staff member is called to serve Him here, we recognise that within each teacher God has placed experiences, skills and understandings. Supporting teachers to develop as highly effective professional educators is a marvellous opportunity. Hearing stories of personal growth, enthusiastic discovery and professional success motivates our leaders in working closely with teachers to provide resources, information and growth coaching which equips and enables on-going development. We trust that you will discover purpose and value as you learn with us at Cooloola Christian College.

Business Manager - Paul Suffolk

At CCC we endeavour to manage the College in a financially and ethically responsible way to operate according to Christian business principals.    

It’s a privilege to work with a great group of people who support the educational needs of the college including; administration, college facilities management, accounting and WH&S.  We are accountable for the wise use of government grants, parent fee funds and aim to exceed the many compliance standards required of the College.   

As the College interacts within the wider community, we want to be known as an example of Christian business ethics in our dealings with suppliers, funding bodies, the school community and staff.

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