​Learning, growing and building community beyond the classroom

Beyond the Classroom is about learning, growing and building community through activities and endeavours that predominantly take place outside the normal classroom and beyond the traditional curriculum.  The best learning happens through rich, shared experiences in real contexts, with worthwhile goals. Beyond the Classroom is the initiative that opens doors and gets students out there!

Beyond the Classroom is a fluid and developing concept which shifts according to the interests, passions and needs of the college. Students, staff and families climb, compete, volunteer, hike, perform, paddle and picnic under the banner of BTC.

On-site activities include lunch-time activities, comprised of sporting, social and craft activities for Primary and Middle School students. As well as support programs implemented to meet the needs of students, such as: bullying, developing confidence, conflict resolution and goal setting.

Off-site activities include our camping program which has been the foundation of BTC and Outdoor Education for many years. As well as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and our biennial Falls Creek Ski Trip.

What is the CCC difference?

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